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VBM was established in 1976, this was when their technicians and mechanics began making espresso machines. Towards the end of the 1970s VBM started making machines for home use, creating the first domestic coffee machine made in history.

In the 1980s VBM grew from a machine workshop to a commercial company. With the wonderful espresso machine history behind Vibiemme, it is no wonder that Vibiemme machines are not only beautifully designed but also mechanically and technically refined to deliver superior cup results. Vibiemme still holds the design patent for the E61 group head which is used in conjunction with the E64 group head on their models.

Carlo Ernesto Valente founded VBM on 12 January, at the historic site in Via Mauro Macchi, Milan. This was when our technicians and mechanics started making espresso coffee machines fitted with the VBM E61 dispensing unit, an evolution of the E61 but with enhanced thermal stability. Towards the end of the 70s, VBM started making machines for home use, creating the first domestic espresso machine in history: Domobar.

In 1985 the company was joined by a new shareholder, Pietro Osnato, who brought with him a more pragmatic, growth-oriented market strategy. VBM grew from a machine workshop into a fully-fledged commercial enterprise. The result was Dosatronic, the first electronic version of the Replica, and the relaunch of the Domobar Super.

VBM continued to grow, and expanded abroad: its network of distributors reached northern Europe, Spain and Portugal. The company sharpened its focus on design, responding to a market that wanted their machines to match their interior design. This led to a revamp of the historic Replica and Domobar models. Cube, R-Evolution and Lollo were the other models launched in this period. Lollo is still in our product range today, guaranteeing high quality technology at affordable prices for businesses operating with smaller coffee volumes.

VBM celebrated its 40th anniversary with a new objective: producing technologically advanced machines able to offer high performance for the barista. This saw the launch of the Tecnique line, with a new extractio technology: the TS System with two independent circuits giving the machine total thermal stability and clean water at all times.

VBM offer a diverse range of machines to meet the requirements of any barista: whether you want a trusty partner to manage heavy workloads, or a more sophisticated, technological machine for custom preparations.

When VBM design their machines, VBM put themselves into your shoes, in order to understand the details that make the difference in your day-to-day work.

VBM are always looking for technologies that make their machines safe and easy- to-use, while maintaining the quality of the product and cup yield. Evolving means making machines that are accessible to everyone, without making them more complicated. VBM strives for simplicity!