Filtropa Coffee Brewing Papers

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BV Filtropa was founded in 1962 and is still one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of paper coffee filters to the world located in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Millions of coffee filters are produced daily in all current sizes, matching the standard filter cones, used worldwide, for manual as well for electric coffee machines.

Filtropa employ 50 people in their 8.000 m2 factory and warehouse and their coffee filter bags are high quality products manufactured with paper that fully satisfies all the standards of the international food and drug administration.

The original BV Filtropa is made of cellulose acetate-bonded paper, designed to make delicious coffee, for over 50 years. The regular round shape supports optimal saturation with hot water and prevents overpacking of the filter. With its unique filtering properties, this high quality paper meets all demands in removing any bitter oils and grounds even at the lowest percolation pressure.