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Clever Coffee Dripper

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Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper also nicknamed the CCD coffee machine, is a ‘steep-and-release’ slow brew pour over coffee brewer. Although it looks like a pour over, the valve in the bottom means the coffee can be constantly immersed in all of the brew water for full immersion, before a short drawdown phase, giving it more in common with immersion style brewers such as a french press coffee plunger.

The Clever dripper brewer is very easy to use and also very repeatable. The valve makes it possible to tweak certain parameters in isolation from each other such as the grind size versus brew time, along with temperature and agitation levels. And you are also able to avoid some variables which are difficult to control, like the pour rate and amount of agitation during pouring. This is also known as the steeping time. By removing these from the equation, you can get more consistent results at home or while cycling between different baristas in a cafe.