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Professional Brews With SIMPLIFY the Brewer by BATHTUB COFFEE

How does SIMPLIFY the Brewer by BATHTUB COFFEE improve the coffee experience?

Traditional brewing methods involve numerous steps and can lead to inconsistent taste and flavour. SIMPLIFY the Brewer, by contrast, aims to enhance the extraction of coffee flavours with its simple yet effective design. With it, every cup of coffee comes out just the way you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does SIMPLIFY the Brewer work?

SIMPLIFY the Brewer enhances coffee extraction by minimising contact between the brewer and the paper filter, maximising the flow rate. You simply pour hot water directly onto the coffee grounds, allowing the efficient design to facilitate a quick and efficient brewing process, leading to a rich, aromatic cup of coffee with minimal effort and time.

Are there any recommended coffee grind sizes for SIMPLIFY the Brewer?

When using SIMPLIFY the Brewer tools for home brewing, we recommend using 15 grams of finely ground coffee for every 230 grams equivalent water volume, or a 1:15 coffee grounds to water ratio. Pour water into the coffee bed for thirty seconds, then drain for sixty seconds; no stirring or swirling is necessary.

This recipe helps to ensure a consistent and flavorful extraction, delivering a superior coffee experience. While the coffee drips, you can grab a snack and prepare for your next cup of coffee at home.

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