Victoria Arduino Coffee Machines

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Victoria Arduino has grown a name for themselves in the past few years, thanks to their star coffee grinder, the Mythos One. The Mythos one has a collection of next generation coffee grinding features like the 75 mm titanium coated burrs, extremely precise micrometric dosing and of course the zero retention ground chute.

Victoria Arduino has released the Mythos 2 in 2018, and once again has changed the game of coffee grinders. Full of powerful features to upgrade your brewing experience once again.

Victoria Arduino has a range of authentic coffee machines that provide consistency every time. Their quality machines build for in home or office are still constructed with commercial machinery which means you can still get that cafe experience in home. Shop our online range today!

Victoria Arduino was born in the early ‘900s during a period of great cultural, social, and industrial transformation, where the fundamental features are to break tradition and promote progress.

The idea that inspired the creation of the machine was the steam engine train and the concept of making a coffee in the fastest way possible.

The espresso coffee machine and the train are all inventions that slowly brought the perception of distance and time to change and bring the continents together.