Coffee Machine and Table Leveling Wedges

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Machine and Table Leveling Wedges

Wedges are a primitive way of leveling, however super effective. We always recommend the adjustable machine legs be fitted on coffee machines and tables, however when this is not the case a level can be a quick and super simple solutions.

When a machine is not level, it can affect the extraction and flow of the coffee shot, create air pockets in the group head and other small issues. Ideally the counter would be level, and the machine would have adjustable feet. But when this is not the case, machine leveling wedges are a re-usable grippy rubber wedge designed especially to solve the problem of rocking machine.

Another common use, and the use we would recommend for these table levels, it to keep tables from rocking at cafes. This is a personal frustration for many, and a simple flexible rubber level can solve this pain point.