Barista Basics Coffee Accessories

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The Quality of Barista Basics Coffee Accessories

Barista Basics exist to provide you with those essential coffee accessories that every barista needs. Their products are not only affordable, they’re incredibly durable and versatile.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a top of the line espresso machine to brew up your favourite coffee. Now if you're spending a dollar or two on a quality espresso machine, you have to own the basic accessories for a more simple brewing process. Without a coffee knock box or knock chute you're going to have one messy bench space.

The Barista Basics coffee knock box or knock chute makes a whole lot of sense. These knock boxes are designed in a way to allow repetitive contact with the portafilter and not produce damage to either parties. The Barista Basics knock boxes can take plenty of hits, they are constructed from strong industrial grade ABS plastic with a rubber knock bar.

These coffee knock boxes are incredibly easy to clean and their rubber gasket helps to minimise noise in your cafe. Basics knock chutes are extremely popular and we stock a range of chutes, from open bottom in bench to closed bottom on bench.

Also our Barista Basics range includes the barista shot glasses and their well renowned barista milk jugs. These shot glasses are made from durable glass, it's strong enough to be dropped and has three sharp spouts for easy pouring.

Their range also extends to coffee tampers also! There's no doubt in the quality of Barista Basics accessories. Their stainless steel milk jugs are available in 12oz and 20oz.

So if you need durable accessories for those essential coffee tasks, look no further than Barista Basics.