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Clean Drop for Moccamaster

A lot of great coffee is spoilt by poorly cleaned coffee machines and coffee-servers. Sour and bitter coffee is often due to fat and residue from coffee and water has clogged the thin pipes inside the coffee maker such as the Moccamaster. This can leave a bad taste to your coffee, and shorten the life expectancy of your coffee maker. Capsule machines also needs cleaning because impurities in the water, like humus and deposits, can make the coffee taste bad. This is why all coffee makers must be cleaned, and with Clean Drop Cleaning Aid you’ll do this in 1,2,3.

It's really a super simple process. Fill the coffee maker, such as Moccamster or other non-aluminium machines with lukewarm water and add one bag of Clean Drop Solution. Start the coffee maker and after about one minute you turn the coffee maker off. Leave it for a few minutes for the solution to work properly. Then you turn the machine on again. Clean the coffee pot and filter holder with the solution. Then run clean water through the coffee maker a couple times to clean it of all solution.

The Clean Drop coffee cleaning solution basically breaks down stuck coffee grounds, oils, and fats that are clinging to the brewer and filters. These things cause off-flavours in your brew, but this cleaner gives you clean slate for better tasting coffee. A must have for your coffee maker, especially Moccamasters.