Coffee Catcha

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Coffee Catcha

The Coffee Catcha is a highly effective dosing funnel that will fit seamlessly into your workflow. Its high quality stainless steel make-up and sleek ergonomic design mean that you will be able to focus more energy on the task of making craft coffee craft. This tool will save you time and money, increase quality consistency, reduce mess and it looks really good too.

The Coffee Catcha is a highly functional and efficient coffee doser unlike any other. Baristas love it because it saves time and money while increasing quality and consistency of every shot. If you're serious about making better espresso, you really need to get yourself a Coffee Catcha.

It is quite simple really... The Coffee Catcha acts as a funnel to stop the coffee beans from falling over the edge of the portafilter. It is then used to scrape off the excess grinds. Saves coffee which is always good!