ECA Range inc Alillio, Rocket and VBM Coffee Machines

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Espresso Company Australia (ECA) distribute some of the best coffee machines, espresso machines and coffee roasting machines.

We are proud to bring to you our favourite machines with the help of ECA. Brands like Aillio, Rocket and VBM. At CoffeeParts, we absolutely love Rocket Espresso machines. They have customised commercial machines which have been built to fit an at home set up. Beautifully constructed with fine attention to detail to produce a high end espresso.

The Aillio Bullet is a coffee roaster that you can plug straight into your household socket, but with a much higher capacity than whats available on the market today. Has all the features of a commercial roaster, yet is much easier to use. Designed to be used as a personal / sample coffee roaster capable of roasting up to 1000g.

La Vibiemme is based in Milan, and have an extensive history and credibility in the international market of manufacturing traditional espresso machines spanning over the past 40 years. The founder of Vibiemme was Mr Carlo Valente, also the founder of renowned Faema. The Faema espresso coffee machine's heritage began in 1945 by Mr. Valente. By 1961 he had introduced the E61 model. The design and patent of the E61 group head was overseen by Mr Valente and is still the most commonly used system even after 40 years producing superior espresso coffee results. With the wonderful espresso machine history behind Vibiemme, it is no wonder that Vibiemme machines are not only beautifully designed but also mechanically and technically refined to deliver superior cup results