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HeyCafe H1 Allround Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders are the key to improving coffee results both in cafes and in the world of the home coffee lover. The grinding process with a burr coffee grinder is actually one of the most important part of the coffee process, as the freshness coffee coffee beans greatly decreased after grinding.

Grinding coffee on demand is super important, as during grinding coffee you effectively increasing the surface area of coffee, and as a result significantly increasing the oxygenation process. Pre-ground coffee can never be fresh, and especially in espresso, pre-ground coffee will always lack creama and body. As pre-ground is a one size fits all approach you can never have the perfect grind size for your coffee environment.

HeyCafe is a relatively new grinder manufacturer which is now part of the Enro group which is a leading group of grinder manufactures including Anfim, Ditting and Mahlkonig. HeyCafe have designed both home and commercial coffee grinder and being part of the Enro banner, they are now gaining traction.

Their Hero home grinder, the HeyCafe H1 Allround Coffee Grinder goes head to head with the popular Niche Zero. The H1 is a dingle dose, low retention, fast and consistent coffee grinder which we are super excited for.