Jibbi Barista Jugs by Latte Artist Jibbi Little

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Jibbi Little Jibbijug | Coffee Milk Jugs

JIBBi is a barista, a coffee roaster and a latte art specialist. She is the founder and chief designer of the popular JIBBIJUG milk pitcher. She is part of the the speciality coffee community, a Sydney based Q-grader, competition judge and a Multi-Award coffee roaster.

In the early days the Jibbijug was created to help JIBBILITTLE in Latte art competitions. During this time she also used her very first prototype with its unique rounded spout in her classes and noticed the students overall latte art performance was much better than other jugs.

In turn the students asked to purchase them with a signed autograph as a memento. So the first design was with the Jibbilittle embossed signature.