La Sorrentina Coffee Brewing

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La Sorrentina

In keeping with the original Giordano Robbiati design only the best materials are used to make "La Sorrentina" coffee machines. Where possible modern materials have been employed to further improve the functionality and durability of the coffee maker. Each machine is hand assembled and tested to ensure perfection. "La Sorrentina" replacement parts are compatible with vintage Atomic type Robbiati coffee machines and are readily available.

Each "La Sorrentina" machine is a truly wonderful coffee maker that will last a life–time with a minimum of care. You can easily produce from 2 to 6 espresso sized "shots" and quickly froth and heat milk for delicious cappuccinos, etc . Ideal for the home and travel "La Sorrentina" Coffee Machines works perfectly on Gas and Electric stoves.

Not only is this the ideal coffee maker to solve all your coffee needs: it is also an item of functional art. The smooth organic surfaces are a pleasure to the hand and joy to the eye, this coffee machine will add a touch of timeless class to any kitchen.