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Olympia Coffee Machines

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Olympia coffee machines are one of the finest crafted machines on the market. Dating back over 85 years their tradition is long standing and highly respected. Their reputation still standing, the finest Swiss made hand crafted espresso machines.

They manufacture the BEST lever-operated espresso machine; no ifs, no buts. It works with the proven pre-infusion piston system: lifting the lever draws a small amount of water into the piston chamber and forces it into the pressed ground coffee, allowing it to expand. Lowering the lever forces the hot water through the ground coffee.

This tried and tested extraction procedure, coupled with the continually increasing experience of the individual Cremina owner, guarantees a perfect espresso, a composition of crema, smell and taste—a harmonious pleasure for the senses. Even your ears will be delighted: the only noise produced by your Cremina is the singing, when the boiler heats the water. Shop our range of Olympia machines today!