Pascal Press Portable Coffee Maker

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Pascal Press Portable Coffee Maker

The Canadian-born Pascal Press is a revolutionary coffee brewing product by Alan Kalbfleisch. Utilizing pressure, Pascal Press delivers unrivalled taste housed in a durable yet stylish travel mug. True portability is what makes Pascal Press unique. Normally, products in this segment offer one aspect at the expense of the other. For example, a Travel French Press allows convenience and portability but because the coffee maintains contact with the grounds it quickly becomes over-brewed and overly bitter. Other pressure brewing products, like the AeroPress, deliver high quality coffee, but require you to pour the brewed coffee into a separate travel mug, limiting its portability.

The Pascal Press ability to deliver a portable coffee with un-compromised quality comes from the patented flow-tube design. During the press, pressure is generated inside the outer cup by the plunger. The pressure forces the water through the coffee grounds, extracting lots of flavour in a short amount of time. Pascal's Law then steps in and the pressure forces the brewed coffee up through the central flow-tube leaving the coffee grounds behind.

Unlike a traditional French Press coffee plungers, the coffee grounds and brewed coffee are completely separated. The brewing process stops after the press and you don't have to worry about your coffee over-brewing if you don't drink it fast enough. With Pascal Press, the coffee you press is the coffee you taste, no matter how long your adventures lasts!

The Pascal Press has earned the endorsement of Polish barista and owner of Bless Coffee Roasters Natalia Piotrowska, who is competing at the World Barista Championship in Seoul.