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Bonavita Coffee Accessories

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Bonavita Coffee Accessories

Bonavita is known for its variable temperature gooseneck kettle which when released changed the way we see pour over coffee kettles. It's consistency and precision made the brewing process of filter coffee easier. The Bonavita water kettle is also made with the same technology and super helpful for use in long blacks and tea making. Bonavita kettles make it simple so you can concentrate on the simple beauty of good coffee.

Another super popular item is the Bonavita coffee dripper which improves upon basic dripper design with smart features that enhance the brew and the experience. A lever allows lets you control the flow through the dripper and avoid spills. And a fitted lid maintains water temperature during brewing for better tasting results.

Ultimately, the Bonavita goal is to build tools that help you brew great coffee everyday, whether it's a busy Monday morning or a lazy Sunday. Both their pour over kettle and drippers are all designed to produce the exceptional results you expect with ease, every time.