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Best Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

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The world has fallen in love with the cafe life, and never has there been so many amazing Coffee Machines and Grinders available to choose from, especially in the top end of the market. Our relationship with an extensive range of parts suppliers has allowed us to have the ability to carry nearly any machine ever produced.

With so many coffee machines for cafes available, we needed to hand pick which were best for our customers. We based our selections on the best options for selected price points, environments, performance and longevity.

With these points in mind, we had to make some tough decisions by not stocking some great brands. This is simply because the values of Coffee Parts, Pedro Lara and manufacturers did not align. Pedro Lara believes in only products that are of the highest quality and something that he personally would use. We considered high volume cafes, quality espresso shots and the diverse demands of coffee shops.

We have a large range of commercial machines from Rocket Espresso, La Marzocco, Slayer and Kees Van der Westen. Now of course we have favourites and we will definitely share them with you. As we know price points are important, we will list machines from more affordable options to the higher end products.

For under 10k, we would recommend one of two Rocket machines. Both fantastic that we cannot leave the other out -These are the Rocket Boxer 2-Group and the Rocket RE A 3-Group. Stepping up in price we move to the under 20k.

We would certainly recommend the La Marzocco Coffee Machine - Linea PB 2 or 3 Group which both are fantastic machines that gives you the ability to choose the same machine based how busy you are in your commercial setup. Rocket coffee machines also do very well in the 20+ price range and we do recommend having a look into the FB80 or the GB5 which would suit a busy café in need of a 4-Group setup.

Our personal favourite is the Kees Van der Westen. Their machines sit at the top end of price for the machines we stock but we believe that the quality of coffee that they produce is second to none. Their machines start in the under 20k range and for this you’ll find a 2-Group or for a little over that price range you can get yourself a 3-Group for those busier environments.

We use a Kees Van der Westen Mirage 2-Group for all our coffees which displays hyper precise qualities and extreme power. Their top end machine that we stock sits just over the 30k price range – the Kees van der Westen Spirit 3-Group.

We have made it easy for those of you looking to upgrade or start your Commercial coffee setup. There are five sub categories to look into when upgrading; Commercial Machines, Brewers, Milk frothing, Auto Tampers and Grinders.

Now maybe you have looked into these categories and they don’t suit your needs? Maybe you are looking for something a little less commercial to start up with. In this case, look into our home categories as we have Coffee Machines, Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, Brewers, Grinders and even coffee bean Roasters! They are perfect for cafes that do not require industrial grinders or commercial sized appliances.

We suggest our home section not only to at home coffee lovers, but also small cafes that are just starting out or serving a small audience each day. Another option to check out are our Packages that are a fast and efficient way or purchasing a full coffee setup curated by coffee experts.

This has allowed us to carry an amazing range, to cover all budgets and tastes! For specialised recommendations for your situation feel free to call. It may be that we recommend an espresso maker that you weren't expecting!

Remember to check out our Accessories page for additional items that will increase the efficiency and productivity of your baristas! We have additional tools like Coffee Scales, Thermometers, Milk Jugs, Milk Jug Rinsers, beautiful Coffee Cups, coffee machine cleaning products and cleaning brushes to choose from.

What is the best commercial coffee machine?

Before considering which brand is best for you, we first need to understand that everyone’s demands are different. The best way to set yourself up for this prior to looking at price tags and deciding that something is not the right price, is to look at your needs. Let’s look at the follow points to identify where to look.

  • Price
  • How many customers per day
  • Specifications
  • Brand

If you haven’t got any idea on how much machines cost, have scroll around our commercial machines page to get an idea. Now match your price point with the amount of group heads your machine will have. As you will probably know, there is a price difference between 2-Group and 3-Group. Sometimes this gap is quite large, so it is important to understand whether you’ll need a 1, 2, 3 or even 4-Group.

Normally a medium sized café will work with a 2 or 3 group machine so be sure to do your research and maybe go speak to other café owners on how they decided what they recommend vs what they currently use. This could save you a few thousand dollars.

Specifications are extremely important to ensure the functionality of your machine to fit your café’s environment. Do you need a single, double or multi boiler? Is the boiler insulated? Do you need a technician to install? Is there an inbuilt shot timer? Does the machine have temperature and pressure displays?

This is just to name a few things youll need to understand prior to purchase. Make sure you understand the specifications of your machine and how that will affect its ability to create coffee in busy periods and in times of repair.

We have done the hard yards for your brand consideration. As we have said earlier, Coffee Parts prides themselves on only stocking the highest quality products that we personally would use. That’s why we have four of the top brands to choose from.

Rocket, La Marzocco, Slayer and Kees Van der Westen. From this range we have a large selection of sizes for either the small-scale chill café or the busiest café in town.

Regardless of what recommendations you do get, make sure that those recommendations are in line with your needs. Here at Coffee Parts we understand that not everyone needs to spend 30k on a coffee machine to get the perfect cup. There is an array of commercial machines that can produce your customers a delicious brew time and time again.

Be sure to drop us a line and use our experience to coach you along the way. We have been helping customers upgrade or set up their cafes for years.